Welcome to Innovation Festival 2021!

Follow the steps below to register for IF21 and to be kept up to date with news, announcements and information all about the festival.

You’ll be asked to select and register for the sprint, hack, dash or a Year's Worth of Work in a Week (YWIW) session that you want to take part in during the week. 

Make your choice wisely as you can choose only one!  

You can also sign up for the 'Morning Welcome' sessions and the end-of-day update events ('Daily Jam’ sessions) that we’ll be holding – we definitely recommend doing this!

It’s super easy to register and you’ll receive an email once you’re done confirming you’re all signed up. We’ll then send you a follow up message containing your schedule based on what you’ve picked. That means you can start getting festival-ready!

If you do have any issues or problems at all then email us innovationfestival@nwl.co.uk.


To register:

Step 1 – If you already know exactly which event you want to be part of at IF21 then you can skip this bit, but if you don’t, then take a look here and find out all about the different events taking place during our festival.

Decide on only ONE event that you will take part in during the Innovation Festival. This might be a sprint, hack, dash or YWIW session. (Sprints and YWIW typically take place over 4 days, hacks 3 days and dash 1 day) 

Step 2 – Add your email address below and click 'Register my place now'. You’ll be taken through to an event selection page. From here you can find the event you’re interested in (we’ve broken them down by category to help) and select it. You can also use the search function on the schedule page to find your event and register your place. 

Remember - If your event is taking place over more than one day then make sure you select all of the individual days, or the days you are able to attend. 

Step 3 – Once you’ve selected your events then make sure you add the Morning Welcome and Daily Jam sessions to your schedule too. These will be important to help you stay updated with what is going on at the festival during the week.

Step 4 – Now that you’ve chosen your sprint, hack, dash or YWIW, and added the Morning Welcome and Daily Jam sessions, click Next. We’ll then just need a few final details before completing your order.

Step 5 – You’ll receive an email confirming that your registration is complete. 

You’ll then receive another shortly after with all the events you’ve selected, set out in a super-helpful schedule for you!

The lead person for your selected event will also be in touch to confirm your place.

We’ll be adding more events and opportunities to this page, such as lightning talks and guest speakers, so keep checking it for updates. You can add these to your schedule at any time between now and when the festival begins.

Then you’re all set!

You can kick back, relax and switch off until IF21 begins on 18 October…yeah right!

There’s lots to be done before the world's biggest Innovation Festival gets underway. 

So start by tweeting, sharing and posting about taking part! 


We’ll be in touch shortly with your next tasks! 

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Unable to join us all week - but keen to take a peek?

We know that not everyone can spare the time to work on a three or four day event, however you can still be part of the festival fun by joining some of our other fab activities.

We recommend that you join us in the ‘Morning Welcome’ and ‘Daily Jam’ sessions to find out what's going on at the festival. You can also sign up for lightning talks, guest speaker spots and other activities such as networking and an online Cookalong.

Whatever you choose to take part in, check out the schedule and start creating your very own festival line-up now.

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